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Jia Ye Long Tea 16pcs/box

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  • It is suitable for hot drinks and can also be brewed cold, as long as it is placed in cold water for 30 minutes, it is ready to drink.
  • The tea soup is sweet and smooth, and it is a tea product that can be easily handled by novices and has a low threshold for brewing skills.

Also known as GABA TEA , GABA refers to the r- aminobutyric acid rich in tea, which has a calming effect and can help relax. It was originally discovered by Dr. Tsushida in Japan that when nitrogen is used to isolate oxygen, the r- amino group on the tea leaves Butyric acid will increase in a large amount; but more than 150mg of r- aminobutyric acid must be contained in 100g of tea to have health care effect. Hejia's Jiayelong tea, after being submitted for inspection, contains 187mg of r- aminobutyric acid.

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