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Sleeping Tea Pillow

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  1. Tea itself has the effect of calming the mind and lowering blood pressure, so the tea pillow can help improve the quality of sleep, calm the mind and nourish the essence.
  2. The weather is humid in summer, and the tea pillow has the effect of absorbing sweat and deodorizing.
  3. Because of the polyphenolic compounds contained in tea leaves, tea has a bactericidal effect in tea pillows.
  4. The catechins in tea can absorb radioactive substances and prevent some radiation pollution from spreading in the human body.

This product is made of organic tea branches ( fresh and dry tea branches that have not been brewed ) . Once unpacked, a strong tea fragrance rushes to the face; the pillow core is covered with a layer of white cloth inside the tea branch, and the pillowcase is made of two layers of different colors Wrapped in traditional Japanese cloth, with a zipper design, the outer pillowcase can be removed for cleaning. After a long period of use, the aroma of the inner tube of the pillow core will naturally fade. You can take it out and expose it to the sun to dehumidify it.

Pillow size: 50cm x 35cm

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Sleeping Tea Pillow