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Kuding Green Tea 16pcs/box

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  • Only suitable for hot drinks, not suitable for cold brewing.

Kuding can relieve summer heat and inflammation, invigorate the stomach and eliminate accumulation, and relieve polydipsia, but it is cold in nature and tastes bitter and sweet, so it is not suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency, but for people who are often irritable, hot in the heart, and difficult to quench their thirst, drinking it will cause pain. There is a sense of heat. This product is made of high-quality kuding combined with Hejia hand-picked green tea. The dried spring tea with one core and two leaves is crushed by machine before being put into tea bags, so as to facilitate filling into bags.

The taste is bitter and sweet. When you drink it in one sip, you will feel a slightly bitter taste at first, but after drinking it, it will return to sweetness and refresh your body.

also suitable for For normal physique, drink it in hot summer or autumn dryness, and you will feel refreshed physically and mentally.

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