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Honey Fragrance Black Tea 16pcs/box

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  • It can be brewed hot or cold. When brewing cold, just put it in cold water for 15-20 minutes. The taste is released and you can drink it. It is suitable for tasting in all seasons.

The research report pointed out that a cup of black tea contains the antioxidant components of six apples. The black tea in our store is hand-picked in summer, with one core and two leaves ( tenderly picked ) . It is environmentally friendly and sustainable. The packaging material deliberately avoids triangular three-dimensional nylon tea bags ( Contains plastic and is not environmentally friendly ) . Before packaging, it is crushed by machine to facilitate filling into bags. Each pack weighs about 3-4 grams and can be brewed nearly 1000c.c. repeatedly. The tea soup is bright red, with cocoa burnt aroma, rich aroma, not easy to bitter, sweet and sweet in the mouth, which is amazing.

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